Arora-Group International Pvt. Ltd. is a group holding company dealing in various services across all verticals under the Banner of Devotee World Limited (UK Based Company).After successful run in all our projects we have started our new venture for all kinds of Events & activities for the entire season on a single platform named Devotee World Limited.This Company is established at London,Uk in the year of 2019.Through this company our aim is to push all areas of event management to new frontiers, whether it is Corporate Events,Seminars,Exhibitions,fashion Shows BTL/ATL activities,Wedding,Planning,Celebrity Management and Theme Parties .We specialize in strategy and creative integrated Communication. Having an Expert and Experienced team of professional on board, we offer a diverse portfolio of solutions that includes traditional. We are also specialized in Real Estate Services, Catering services, Sweets Services, IT Services and Devotee Talent.


Arora-Group International Pvt Ltd. is the mother company having 3 subordinates Arora Broadcasting Corporation Pvt Ltd(ABC), Devotee International Pvt Ltd (DIL) and Justice Marketing Pvt Ltd (JML) for numerous projects, established in 2013, a pioneer, multi-business unit entrepreneur in international level and is a professionally managed fastest growing company reinforced by talented professional mindsets and creative values which basically promotes the brand called “Devotee”. With over 5 years of hard work and dedication to make a real difference Devotee has grown and widespread for its various products and services in different fields like marketing, advertisement, promotion, events and HR firm.