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Justice Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

T/A DevoteeTM

"A Helping Hand"

Justice Marketing Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Arora Group International Pvt. Ltd. (AGI), Arora Group’s Marketing Company.

Marketing serves more than one purpose, initially, it is a form of communication by which we’re able to inform others of our product or services in hopes that they will gain interest in what we’re offering. Marketing is a multi-dimensions process made up from various strategies. Each process is vital to the functionality and success of the campaign as whole. The best way that we can describe the role of JML is to say that it is business that helps other businesses to grow.


The basis of our success is our good relations with clients, employees and local communities We know our clients and quickly recognize both their needs and their wishes. This helps us build close and successful relationships. We constantly introduce new knowledge, technologies and innovative research ideas to enhance solutions for our clients. Our employees are experts in their fields and enjoy their work. In JML we will be doing Marketing of our Brand Devotee products from time to time with the help of online website, Print media, Radio, Hoarding etc.

The main job of the JML is to supply their customers with information and real actions plans in issues of product evaluations, Price analysis in relation to company's costs and competitors pricing, consulting for the different distribution channels available in the market and of course what could be the best way of promoting each company’s products, i.e. by advertising or by Sales promotions, or by Promotional sales or just to create publicity.

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